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Do you have an event happening that doesn't require a DJ?


Rent my premium sound!


Pair your phone, iPad, or connect a device of your choice to the bluetooth built into the Evox J8 Mix!


This is1400 watts of PURE power with a mean kick (If you like bass).


Fill out the contact form and ask about it in the comment section!

Evox J8 Mix pictured on the left*


Not to be confused with dance lighting !


Uplighting has the power to completely transform a room with the flick of a switch.


Uplighting highlights ANY venue and creates a dramatic effect!


This will allow you to take your event and turn it into something phenomenal!  


These lights are typically used in wedding receptions both indoor and outdoor. 

Uplighting really makes a wonderful addition to venues with existing fixtures, or spaces that need just a little something extra. Be sure to ask me about it!

Uplighting pictured on the right*



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